Choosing a nursery for a child implies a long term commitment between the nursery, the child and the family. The admissions process will provide an opportunity for parents and the nursery to gain knowledge about each other Grandma Nursery is the right choice for the child.

Fee Regulation

Fees should be paid on the first day of every month or term, according to the agreement. Any late payments that exceed one week will then be fined QR 300.

A half month fees must be paid in advance if you are planning to take your child out of the nursery for more than one month. If this fee is not paid we will assume your child will not be returning to the nursery.

NOTE: There should be specific month when to resume. If not, deposit/ advance payment will be forfeited. If your child is absent from the nursery due to family holidays, sickness or any other reason under no circumstances can fees be refunded or transferred.

Parents are requested to inform the nursery if they are planning to withdraw their child from the nursery two weeks in advance of doing so, failure to do so will mean the parent must pay a full month fees.

A sibling discount is available for families with more than one child that is registered and attending the nursery full time; however the discount will only apply to one child.

If the child fails to connect to the Nursery within a period of 3 months, another registration fee will be imposed.

The nursery reserves the right to charge parent when they do not collect their child at the agreed time. A charge is QR 50 for every 30 minutes thereafter.

The place will be cancelled if your child didn't attend to the Nursery and fail to contact us for a period of one week.

Booboo room:

Only five days a week fees is required to be paid to have a place in the Booboo room.

You will be required to pay the normal monthly fees regardless of whether your child attends or not.