We believe in a "hands on" approach. Children learn through playing, using their senses and by doing. Our curriculum is a mix of the EYFS and Montessori teaching methods. The Framework provides a set of principles and objectives that must be followed by our teachers in order to deliver a strong education for all children.

The Child Learning Centers are set up with the purpose of constantly engaging the children in the learning process.

The CLC program supports five developmental areas of learning.

  • chat Communication Language (Circle Time Center)
  • abacus Mathematics (Math and Construction Center)
  • art Arts (Creative Center)
  • magnifier Personal and Social Development (Discovery Center)
  • diet Physical Development (Fitness Center)

english center

We teach the children different theme concepts that are linked to planned activities, they learn letter sounds and formation using the Jolly Phonics program, kids will be able to:

  • - Use words and simple sentences to communicate
  • - Recognize letters and their sounds
  • - Participate in group activity
  • - Read and write their names
  • - Listen to stories
  • - Answer simple questions

french & arabic center

It’s beneficial to raise your child with multiple languages and that will help him to acquire more languages later on in life. At Grandma Nursery, we teach children French and Arabic for 40 minutes a day. Your child will be able to communicate easily with peers, to be open-minded and to have an increased ability to focus.

Math center

Children are taught to recognize, count, write and recite numbers in order. The children develop their ability to create, follow patterns and identify basic shapes.

Art center

Our children learn to recognize and name all the colors. They do daily crafts related to the weekly themes.

Our children will improve their creative skills, they will:

  • - Learn to recognize and name all the colours
  • - Draw simple shapes
  • - Do arts and crafts
  • - Use brushes

discovery center

Our children will learn social and emotional skills, they will be able to:

  • - Make observation using all senses
  • - Can do cutting activities using scissors
  • - Dress independently
  • - Do lacing
  • - Share and take turns
  • - Know how to express themselves

fitness center

These active explorers are also at a prime time for the development of gross motor skills. Once they are on their feet, they will learn to walk, hop, run, jump, do yoga and skip as they practice and perfect the skill of using their legs and feet.

outdoor play

Outdoor play is fantastic for helping children practice their physical and learning abilities. Outdoor play encourages the children to interact with their peers and discover new games together.

BooBoo Room

There is no infant schedule as babies should be fed as they are hungry and get to bed as they are tired. There is a class time for them when they are awake and happy, it is the best time for the teacher to interact with them, playing, singing, and reading them a story. There is a time as well for the soft play and outdoor.

soft play corner

We have indoor safe soft play area where our children can enjoy climbing, crawling, jumping and rolling without fear of injury.